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"Can too much sugar cause diabetes?""Isn't high blood pressure normal when you get old?""Can staring spread sore eyes?""Do I need antibiotics every time I have yellow phlegm?""Is heatiness the cause of my frequent sore throats and styes?""Is the rain causing my joint pains and headaches?""Butter the Burn...Coffee powder on the Cut...Metal spoon for the fitting' they actually work?"All this, and much more, will be covered in this handy health book, packed with useful facts that will help debunk common fallacies and misconceptions about your health! In addition, each chapter ends with practical self-care tips and advice on when and why you may need to see a doctor in each of the situations. (BONUS: the doctor shares her personal tips for keeping well and advises how you can maximise your short consultation time with your doctor!)This book will equip you with the right information to let you take charge of your health!"Dr Bina Kurup, a very experienced family physician, has written a very clear and simple medical book...It is systematically written- so one could even use it as a reference book for a quick reading and explanation."Dr Lee Suan Yew JP.BBM.BBM(L)MBBChir(Cantab), FRCP(Glasgow), FCFP(S)"In her gentle ways, she sought to correct the misconceptions (on health) and provide tips for patient self care. Dr Bina Kurup's book will go a long way to empower each of us to look after our health better."Assoc Prof Goh Lee GanProfessorial Fellow (Division of Family Medicine, NUHS)About The Author:Dr Bina Kurup is a well-respected Family Physician with more than 25 years of clinical experience. She has authored several chapters in medical handbooks for doctors, and contributed health related articles for newsletters, magazines and newspapers. She is active in teaching and mentoring both undergraduate and postgraduate medical students. Informacion sobre el autor del articulo no puede localizado o tal vez sido en el de su escritor. Usted podria Interesado en algunos otros libros electronicos de formacion Con el BINA KURUP. Nosotros estabamos Capaces de Acumular la mayoria de casi todos los de iformatsii Usted disponible para usted. Para creadores: nuestro sitio no ampliar a publico general admision de su persona libros electronicos de formacion en nuestro paginas web solo apertura el libro de la hembra. Si usted piensa que cree que sitio web sitio puede ser infractor, por favor, asegurese de que usted debe escribir a usted respecto a esto y si usted es en verdad el escritor de estos guias, vamos a instantaneamente eliminar sitios web De nuestro de sitio web

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permite que sea relevante por un momento: Dios mío, este libro es excepcional !!


Todos los Links Kaputs !!! Tan caidos tooodos !


Yo acaban de leer el capítulo 1, y es genial.


Me alegro de que finalmente descargado la versión epub. . Estoy muy contento de


por estoy buscando libro fisica de genaral volkenshtein