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The thunder of silence

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Joel Goldsmith studied the spiritual literature of the world and he writes, "Insofar as I have observed from my study of the spiritual literature of the world, the truth stated in this book has never been fully revealed before, yet it is the absolute basis for true spiritual living." The Thunder of Silence is based on the principle that there is an inner Grace available to all that does not operate through or by physical might or mental powers. Most people are not aware of this Grace, but when It is consciously realized, it will bring into expression everything that is necessary to our unfoldment. But, Goldsmith says, there is a price: this Grace operates only when we are willing to relinquish faith in anything and everything less than God - even faith in the "God" the world thinks it knows.In the first part of The Thunder of Silence, Goldsmith presents the vision of this spiritual way of life and invites the reader to come into the awareness of the abiding Presence within. In the second part of the book, he treads confidently into the often puzzling subject of mind, answering the many questions that always surround that topic. The whole secret, says Goldsmith, lies in "making the transition from a thinking human mind to a mind at rest in a state of awareness."In the third part of the book, Goldsmith gives the reader an illumined interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount, which reveals the innermost secrets to attaining the realization of the Presence within. Effortlessly relating the Infinite Way principles to this extraordinary teaching of Jesus, Goldsmith works extensively with its challenging passages and reveals their deep meanings. He shows how practicing these ancient principles can help us to live in the world, but not of it. If we are fed by meditation in the blessed Silence that thunders with Truth, he says, we can live by the grace of God as the Light of the world. Informacion sobre este escritor no puede identificado or eliminado con el de su autor del articulo. Puede ser Pensar en diferentes guias Con el JOEL S. GOLDSMITH. Llegamos Capaces de Adquirir la mayoria de casi todos los de iformatsii Usted para satisfacer sus necesidades. Para escritores: pagina web Este sitio no incluir publico admision su propia libros de texto en nuestro sitios web solo inicial el libro de la novela la publicacion. si usted cree que web pagina este sitio es normalmente es infractor, por favor, asegurese de que usted necesita correo electronico todos nosotros sobre el innecesario decir en realidad el escritor De estos libros, vamos a Prontamente deshacerse de paginas web De nuestro de sitio web

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